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Cuisine De France

Cuisine de France offers the customer traditional French breads, pastries and also a wide range of continental-style bread, confectionary and hot savoury items.

At Cuisine de France, we have been creating unique and much-loved breads and pastries for almost 30 years. You could say that we are baking experts! Our products, made with the finest ingredients sourced from the best suppliers, are synonymous
with quality and deliver an unrivalled tasting experience for young and old alike. Our products resonate with consumers, keeping them coming back for more and more. Our Boulangerie style experience appeals to the senses and consumers simply can’t pass by
without picking up a delicious bread or pastry. The Cuisine de France concept has the ability to bring any convenience store to life! More shoppers buy bakery from stores with a Cuisine de France concept offer. Retailers looking to bring an in-store bakery into their store should look for concessions that drive the highest penetration and value.