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Our brand was founded on a passion for artisan baking and an innovative spirit. Through this approach we have been able to transform fresh baking, bringing round the clock oven freshness to consumers around the world.

‘Crafted for Freshness’

When it comes to baking we combine passion and precision to deliver oven fresh flavours everyday. We pair this with efficiency and care to deliver true value. It is this single definition that aspires us to deliver great products to our customers

Our story begins with a team of bakers who believed that baking should excite the senses.

From the enticing aroma wafting through the streets, the sight of steam rising from the golden crust and the distinct crispness and flavour of oven fresh breads and pastries – we’ve always wanted customers to enjoy the experience of fresh baking around the clock.

It took us 14 years to perfect the dough and the technology to make our dream a reality. In doing so, we opened a new world of fresh baking for customers across Switzerland.

To continue this passion for freshness, we use premium ingredients and craft bread and pastries by combining the skills and tradition of artisan baking with an innovative spirit.

Looking ahead we can’t wait to share our fresh flavours across Europe and beyond, giving customers around the world that unforgettable, fresh from the oven experience.

Pioneering Baking

Since 1967, Hiestand has led the evolution of the bakery category by re-imagining the possibilities for freshness, quality and value.

Fresh By Design

As bakers we know baking is best served fresh from the oven. We’ve carefully created a baking process that is designed to help our customers serve the freshest taste experience possible.

Beautifully Swiss

From selecting ingredients to the delivery schedules, we’ve applied a traditional Swiss approach to ensure we get the detail right and consistently deliver quality baked products.

Bakers At Heart

We treat each one of our products as an opportunity.