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La Carte

We’ve developed a range of everyday favourites – from ingredients to snacks to meals, it’s a delectable selection which will help you serve crowd pleasing favourites that will leave your customers coming back for more.

When it comes to food, consumers crave variety and excitement, but will happily revert to the classic flavours they know and trust.

To help retailers and foodservice businesses navigate this challenge and strike the right balance between flavour, variety and value we’ve assembled a diverse palate that caters to different tastes and occasions.

From essential ingredients, to crowd pleasers and ready meal solutions, La Carte is a promise for everyday favourites done deliciously well.

The La Carte range has been assembled to help you cater across the retail and foodservice market. This includes outlets ranging from convenience stores to cafes to pubs, restaurants, hotels and catering companies.

Overall we want our customers to understand that La Carte is a smart choice which offers a variety of meal solutions that will help you serve flavour, variety and value.

As a B2B brand we:

  • Are passionate about quality food and hold an in depth understanding of current and emerging food trends
  • Offer a diverse range of products which include salad bar and deli meats, savouries, sauces and side accompaniments
  • Have the ability to source and deliver a range of ingredients and foods that you need to help your business thrive