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Croissant - The perfect bake


In order to achieve "the perfect bake", it is essential to follow these 4 golden rules:

1. Preheat the oven
2. Tray up all pastries from frozen
3. Bake at the appropriate temperature
4. Visually check each tray before removing from the oven

Pastries that have been perfectly baked will achieve their maximum shelf life, are more visually appealing, will ensure that your shoppers have a good eating experience and in turn will increase sales.


1. Preheat the oven to the correct temperature.

  • Preheating to a higher temperature compensate for heat loss when loading the oven.
  • Placing frozen food in the oven will dramatically reduce the oven temperature.
  • Preheating ensures baking begins immediately meaning baking times remain accurate.


2. Tray up from frozen according to guidelines

  • Allow the recommended space between products.
  • Don't mix product with different bake times and temperatures. 
  • Place trays of seeded viennoiserie  on the bottom of trolleys and oven.   




Tray Up tips: Allow plenty of space between croissants when traying up as they will double in size once baked.





3. Bake at the directed temperature and time.

Bake from frozen unless directed to do otherwise. Our pastries are categorised according to the way they are made, thus they require different preheat and baking temperatures. Please refer to each products baking guidelines.




Oven tips: Allow the croissants to defrost for the recommended time at room temperature. This will result in a lighter textured croissant.



4. Visually check all items before removing from the oven. 

Check for an even golden brown colour on French breads and pastries and a dry crisp bottom on pastries. Return to the oven immediately and continue baking until ‘The Perfect Bake’ is achieved.




Serving tips: Do not stack croissants on top of each other whilst still warm as this will cause them to collapse.





Under baked             Perfect bake              Over baked